Walking to our first sacred site, the magnificent St Catherine’s Chapel in Abbotsbury

Again we had a magnificent pilgrimage to a number of ancient sacred sites: stone circles, neolithic henges, healing wells, hill forts, ruined churches and this time churches still used for worship.

Following inner guidance and by listening to the cosmic language spoken by these places or power and energy I have been mysteriously drawn to dance and meditate at a number of magnificent sacred sites. Sites sacred to our long past ancestors who seemed to understand more than we do the significance of these places. Visiting such places with a sense of humility and wonder has gradually allowed me to develop a greater sense of confidence that we are indeed being called as humans to help heal and re-energise the earth at these very places, to further develop the sense of the sacred connection between humanity and nature. And in the process to help heal ourselves and each other.

One of the pilgrims wrote a beautiful poem about her own experiences. I have the pleasure to share it with you.

The Dance

I came unsure but open,

Drawn by the notion of

“Cultivating the heart”.

Such friendly, welcoming people,

Putting me at my ease

And preparing the way.


Singing, dancing and holding hands

As we turned in circle.

Energy rising, voices lifting,

Joy beginning to stir.


A climate of love and safety gracefully created.

Gentle teachings so smilingly given

in such wonderful sacred places –

Allowing the heart to open to the dance.


Now the feeling of love welling up

Flowing through the hands,

Moving round the circle

And coming back a hundred-fold.


Voices stronger, steps more defined,

Hand happily taking hand.

Self forgotten,

Spirit rising,

One heart beating.


And in that moment we came home.

Inside/outside, outside/inside

Eyes full of wonder,

Poem by Chris Line

Have Guitar. Will Still Travel. Here however I not too far from home in a most sacred wood.

Have Guitar. Will Still Travel. Here however I not too far from home in a most sacred wood.