It’s 30 years since I was a librarian

This year, 2022, is the 30th anniversary since of giving up a career as a librarian to concentrate my life fully on leading dances and sufi events. Although to many at the time it seemed rather foolish to leave a well-paid, well-established managerial position I had...

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Where is Your Key?

It’s after midnight yet still very hot. There’s no moon and it’s really quite dark. There’s a light in the centre of the street but even so it’s hard to see any of the buildings clearly. Except for this one streetlight still burning there’s no light. A man is walking...

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Stilling the Waves of the Mind

As usual I am also going to offer something you can do right now to deepen. We often have a tendency to ignore simple practices feeling that to be of real value something needs to have complexity. Yet most mystics are personifications of simplicity offering simple and...

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