“It  was through Philip that I was introduced to Sufism, the Dances of Universal Peace, and to the beginnings of a path that continues to lead me towards and from the heart. I find Philip’s presence and guidance wonderfully simple, straight forward and direct. He draws on his own life experience and offers a clear compassionate take on life. Philip’s guidance and teaching is direct and to the point embracing the depths of experiencing and creating a space.

Philip is wonderfully understated and creates an atmosphere that invites a deepening into the heart. He creates the space for me to step into my experience and move beyond the known, towards truth, love and simplicity. He is a musician of the heart who accompanies those on the journey through his subtle and powerful use of sound, rhythm and breath. His workings with groups seems effortless bringing a natural ease and flow that invites a relaxed and open atmosphere and sharing. Philip’s subtle care and attention to detail creates a safe, relaxed and playful space of meeting and sharing. It is this that invites growth and opening in me and a sense of community, family and belonging. Philip creates the space for me to see myself more clearly as I am, in the moment and for me to begin to simply accept and let this be a part of my experience.”

Eveline, Edinburgh

“I have danced with Philip since the early 1990s and am privileged to be one of his Sufi mureeds. His gifts are subtle and understated. It is hard to put his refined qualities into words that fully express their power and beauty. What I treasure most, both in his teaching of the dances of universal peace and as my sufi teacher, are his egoless, warm, natural presence, combined with his innate, divine given musicality. Despite his high status as a Sufi Murshid, he never has airs and graces, is consistently friendly, good humoured, even and approachable, always has his feet well planted on the ground. He makes us all feel special and cherished.”

Dinah Aziza, Kendal

“Thanks also for the weekend. It was the first time for me to see virtuosity in your leading beyond ‘mere’ mastery and it was a joy to behold.”
Glen. Andorra

“Philip, I always feel so nourished and encouraged after a retreat with you, and expanded somehow, by your trust in me. I have felt supported in such an unconditional way by you for so many years now, really from the first time I met you; and your acceptance of me as I am, and your belief in what I am capable of becoming, have been fundamental to my growth in that time. I am a more confident and fulfilled person because of what you have given me.”

Jilani. Yorkshire.

“Philip works through subtle access to life energy through the breath, sufi practices and the dances of universal peace, with inspirational selflessness, integrity and compassion. During the past 12 years he has accompanied me on a continuous journey of discovery, bringing confidence and peace, at times through very major changes in my inner and outer life.”
Edmund Aziz, Rawtenstall.

“I first became acquainted with the Dances of Universal Peace – and Philip – over twenty one years ago. Immediately I was struck by his musicianship and self-effacement. Little did I know then how instrumental Philip himself would be in conveying the power of the Dances or the transformative part they would play in my life. It has been/is inspiring to observe the discipleship and dedication Philip devotes to fulfilling his life’s purpose and his own rejuvenation…and skillfully sharing that. As Sufism tells us there is only One Teacher, I can but say with gratitude it is a joy to have Philip as a ‘fellow pupil’, my guide, my friend. Alhumdullilah!”
Anne, Cumbria.

“I met Philip in 2004, when he came to Argentina to lead an intensive week of Dances and other spiritual practices. And I have been dancing with him since then. As my mentor, Philip has helped me grow as a dancer and Dance leader, and what I learn from him transcends into practical spirituality. His ability to listen and the reassurance he gives me has much contributed much to my personal growth. I am grateful for what he has brought to the world.”
Patricia. Somerset.

“Dancing with Philip is always a joy.”
Rosemary Ruhani. Dorset.