April 1st High Ham. Langport, Somerset.

Food for the Soul. Day Event.

This day is an opportunity for you to nurture and revitalise your inner self through music, dance and other meditative practices creating a sense of inner harmony and balance – food for the soul.

When we dance there is always a sense of something larger, an expanded sense of oneness that touches us all in the sacred space we create together. There is a sense of completeness, of coherence, of being fully at ease in body, heart and mind. Our healthy sense of self is also enhanced by the nourishing contacts we share with others of like heart and mind. Through dancing and singing together we experience how to inhabit our bodies more fully. We develop a greater sense of awareness and presence.

Through the repetition of the mantras we chant along with the devotional quality of the movements, the inner atmosphere is transformed which leads to many beneficial changes in the vibrational field of the dancers. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated allowing us to feel safe and creative in each other’s presence; muscles begin to relax and soften; our voices become more resonant and mellifluous; our hearts open spiritually; our minds begin to quieten; our breath becomes easier and more enlivening; we become more aware of the energy of life within us and around us. Yet surprisingly all this happens through simple, natural rhythms of heart, voice, body and breath as we move together in a circle.

If you are new and considering coming along it is not necessary to have had previous experience of this form of spiritual chant and dance – sometimes known as Dances of Universal Peace. These practices are simple and accessible as well as joyful, spacious and expansive. They will be clearly taught and are easily learned.

Siggi Seaward, a keen dancer, has graciously offered her cosy barn for our indoor sessions. The room will be kept well aired by opening windows. Weather permitting we will also be able experience Siggi’s Garden. Over the past 20 years Siggi has created a magical garden of great beauty based on sacred geometry and esoteric principles which includes a vesica piscis, a labyrinth and a stone circle. The stone circle is ideal for dancing together and weather permitting we will endeavour to dance there at least for a short session. (Bring suitable footwear etc).

Naturally such a garden is a blessing to be experienced simply by walking within it feeling its revitalising, healing properties through the magnetisms of the earth, the trees, plants and the lovingly created shapes.

Places are limited. Early booking is advised.

Bring delicious food to share for the lunch. Teas and coffee will be provided.

The Venue: Court Farm, High Ham, Langport, Somerset.TA10 9DF.

Date and Times: Saturday 1st April September. Arrivals from 10am. Start at 10.30am. Finish 4.30pm.

Price for the day: £45.

Advance Bookings Necessary
Contact Philip for further details.