20th and 21st May 2023

Dancing is the Language of the Soul. A Non-Residential Gathering at Brigsteer, Near Kendal

Samuel Lewis wrote to a friend in 1968, a few months after introducing the dances more publicly, “My program of eat, dance, and pray with people is now winning adherents among the young more rapidly than sneers among the elite! When the Universe opens up one has no choice.” Elsewhere he called this way of being together his “Peace Program.”

Naturally and effortlessly on our weekends in Brigsteer we eat, dance and pray together and there’s no doubt that the “Universe opens up” auspiciously each time for us to experience the states of peace these dances offer.

When we dance the language of the soul speaks to us, through us and as us. Perhaps this happens mostly without our conscious awareness yet the vehicles of the soul, the heart, mind and body, do listen and respond from moment to moment.

By the singing of the mantras, along with the devotional quality of the movements, the inner and outer atmosphere is transformed, leading to beneficial changes in the vibrational field of all who dance. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated, allowing us to feel safe and creative in each other’s presence; our muscles begin to relax and soften; our voices become more resonant and mellifluous; our hearts open spiritually; our minds begin to quieten; our breath becomes easier and more enlivening; we become more aware of the energy of life within us and around us. We are hearing the language of the soul.

If you are new and considering coming along you will receive a warm welcome. It is not necessary to have had any experience of this form of dancing – sometimes called Dances of Universal Peace. Mostly we dance and sing as we move together in a circle. The chants are based on sacred phrases from various spiritual traditions.The dances are simple and accessible as well as profound and deep. They are clearly taught and easily learned.

Additionally during this workshop there may be short periods sitting together in the silence to help us to integrate and embody the effects of the practices.

The weekend is non-residential and will take place at Brigsteer Village Hall in a delightful room with a beautiful wooden floor. It is a spacious and clear, ecological venue in a tranquil setting with plenty of space for parking and is only a short drive from Kendal.

The hall has plenty of chairs. Bring along mats and blankets for relaxing in the breaks and also cushions for the sitting meditations if you wish.

For those travelling some distance a limited amount of accommodation may be available in the village with more in Kendal itself. Brigsteer is less than four miles and only a ten-minute drive from Kendal.

Acknowledged as a master of spiritual dance and a senior teacher (Murshid) of the Sufi Ruhaniat International I have studied within a number of spiritual lineages including yoga, tantra, Buddhism and Sufism. The style I have cultivated over the years creates an atmosphere that invites a deepening into the heart. I see myself as a modern-day mystic yet at the same time just an ordinary human being. Being a musician of the heart I accompany people on the journey of awakening through the subtle and powerful use of sound, rhythm and breath. Seemingly effortless, my way offers a natural ease and flow that invites a relaxed, open atmosphere and a sense of togetherness.

Times: Saturday 14th May arrive for refreshments from 10am.
Start at 10.30am. Finish at 5.30pm.
Sunday 15th May arrive for refreshments from 9.30am.
Start at 10am. Finish at 4pm.

Price: £120 which includes delicious home-cooked vegetarian food for lunch on Saturday and lunch on Sunday. Some special diets can be catered for. You must let Rabia know in advance.

Bookings and Further Details: Contact Mary Rabia Dowson.
Tel. 015242 21147 Email: madowson@gmail.com