23rd East Woodlands, Frome.

Inner Peace: Why make a Song and Dance about it? Day event.

Many people have an inner longing to feel whole and complete, to live life with a sense of purpose and relaxed awareness in a calm and confident manner. As social beings we have an innate need to feel connected to each other in community. While there are many spiritual methods that can bring peace to body, heart and mind, simply singing and dancing together in a circle is perhaps the easiest and most accessible way I have ever come across which is why I have devoted my life to it.

Mystics have always understood the significance of the power of sound especially when expressed through the human voice. The melodic sacred chants we sing honour various spiritual traditions. The combinations of sacred syllables form a nucleus of spiritual energy that serve as either a magnet to attract or a lens to focus spiritual vibrations. Use of the voice in this way produces a whole series of psychological, physical and energetic effects which can bring a deep sense of inner peace and joy.
Combining dancing with singing as a spiritual practice adds a further dimension to the whole experience. Yet because of the simplicity of this practice the deeper and profound effects may not be fully appreciated initially. The electricity of touch and the rhythmical movements combined with the vibrational resonance of the human voice are subtle yet influential forms of energetic communication operating below our conscious level of awareness. They can have an uplifting effect on how we feel in body, heart and mind. We relax and we feel connected to each other in the dance circle in a safe way and at a deep level.

If you are new and considering coming along it is not necessary to have had previous experience of this form of spiritual chant and dance – known by some as Dances of Universal Peace. These dances and chants are simple and accessible as well as joyful, spacious and expansive. They are for those who have a sense of inner adventure towards engaging with body, heart and mind in a new way. They are clearly taught and easily learned. Additionally during our workshop there will be short periods sitting together in the silence to help us to integrate and embody the effects of the practices.
Bring food to share for lunch.
The Venue: East Woodlands Village Hall. Church Lane, Frome, BA11 5LQ, Somerset.
Date and Times: Saturday 23rd May. Prompt start at 10.30am. Arrivals from 10am for refreshments. Finish at 4.30pm.
Further details: Contact: Philip