5th March 2023. Livestream Event via Youtube 8pm (UK Time)

Connecting Hearts Singing

Join Philip for a session of live mantras and chants from a variety of spiritual paths. He will be playing harmonium and guitar. This will be live from his sitting room in Dorset.

As mystics we focus on the heart because we know it is the centre of the being that controls the mind and all its vehicles, including the physical body. All mysteries belong to the heart yet the heart knows no mysteries. This is because the heart is the seat of true understanding. Bright but hidden, the Real Self dwells in the heart.

The connection we feel is through the breath and the currents of the heart-stream. If we can engage fully with our hearts, our breath and our bodies this allows us to feel inwardly connected to everyone else who is also tuning into to these same frequencies in time and space. If we consciously open out to each other and to the blessings expressed through sound and vibration, a mystical process unfolds that is tangible, effortless, life giving which creates a healing atmosphere.

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Contribution Request. Reciprocation for the blessings received is a way of showing one’s appreciation and allows the energy of life to keep on flowing between us all. In Buddhism Dana is one of the paramitas – the perfection of generosity. What is given in such a way is a gift from the heart to support others on the worldly level. Please consider making a financial contribution in exchange for your experience of this session of Connecting Hearts Singing. Thank you so much to all of you who contributed with such incredible generosity in the past.

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