It’s 21 years since I was a librarian

21st anniversary since giving up my career as a librarian
This week sees the 21st anniversary since of giving up my career as a librarian to concentrate my life fully on leading dances and sufi events. Although to many at the time it seemed rather foolish to leave a well-paid, well-established managerial position I had known for some years before that my work needed to be something that really came right from my heart. I had no idea if I would be able to make a living out of leading dances. Certainly there weren’t many others doing this successfully. It was indeed a bold step to take but I knew that despite the fear I felt I had to do it. A year or so earlier a close friend of mine had died of cancer at the age of 40 and this gave me quite a wake up call. Up until then I had always said to myself that I would follow my heart some time in the future. With my friend’s passing I realised that the future isn’t guaranteed by any means and that I needed to act now. It was a bit like jumping of a cliff of uncertainty and I remember thinking that I would see how it went leading dances for a couple of years and if it didn’t work out I could easily resume work as a librarian. Two years passed and I realised I had hardly begun.

An article was written by a journalist, James Wilson and appeared in the Westmorland Gazette around that time in which I am reported to have said. “I have no regrets about giving up a well-paid job. I would have got to 50 or 60 and felt ‘I should have done that!” Having passed both of those milestones of age I can still honestly say that I have no regrets. It’s been an incredible journey so far. Not always easy by any means but without a doubt the best choice I could ever have made. I am still learning and still perfecting my craft. What a blessing it is to consider it work to be continually creating opportunities for people to find peace and happiness in their hearts.


  1. Hi Tansen,
    thank You for this blog!
    It is very interesting also for me.
    Ten years ago I started with the dances. Initial was a weekend with You here in Berlin at Martha Church, I remember!
    At this time I started with singing und guitar playing.
    Now I can say: I´m 62 years old – better to say: I´m 62 years and young at heart!!! –
    My professional career will end, when i´m 65 . But now I look foreward for the next ten or more Years: Learning guitar, singing songs, learning new dances, learning a better english, reading books, .. perhaps I start a little bit a new career like a “wise old man”?!
    Thank You very much for the “open tuning” instructions!
    With love to You and Cinda

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